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World Championhsip started with 512 participants!



17.04.2020 - World Individual Speedgammon Championship 2020(WBIF)

Conditions of participation and prizes:

  • The Speed World Championship is held in league mode:
  • The tournament starts on 03. May 2020 and ends in July 2020 at the latest.
  • start league (1st league): the players are divided into groups of 6 players - round robin - the best two qualify for the 2nd league
  • 2nd league: again groups of 6 players - round robin - the best two qualify for the 3rd league
  • 3rd league: 2 groups of 6 players - round robin - the best two of each group play in the final.
  • Final: round robin - everyone against everyone 3 matches!
  • 1st Tiebreak: direct match, 2nd Tiebreak points of oponents.
  • If a player doesnt play a match he is suspended at WBIF for 3 month!
  • depending on number of participants the TD may adjust the details!
  • The participation fee 20 Euro (10% of it registry - 90% prices) must be transferred to WBIF as follows: via paypal: WBIF@gmx.net or to the bank account: Bernhard Mayr, Franz-Josef Str27a, A-6130 Schwaz account at Sparkasse Schwaz (BIC: SPSCAT22XXX, IBAN:AT92 20510 00000014167 ) Please note the transfer costs!
  • The four best players receive certificates and cups!!!
  • prize money: 40/30/20/10%

Division of players in league 1:
  • With WBIF PR the players are divided equally between the groups!Without WBIF PR we use BMAB or similiar Database.
    • All matches are to be played on the BG Studio Heroes server. ( If a participant does not have an account he has to register at BGStudio Heroes and send the nickname to WBIF.)..
    • All results and match files are automatically reported by BG Studio Heroes!
    • match length: 7 points!
    • All matches are played with clock: 168 sec and 6 sec delay!
    • In case of suspicion of fraud or collusion, the matches are analysed and checked in detail by the Ruling Committee. If it is assumed that there have been violations, the individual players will be excluded from the tournament .
    • Each round phase will be announced on the website with a deadline and an e-mail will be sent to all players.
    • Each player is responsible for the organisation and planning of his own games. For this planning "my wbif" - "my matches" must be used on the website. Players must send a date request to their opponents immediately after receiving the draw announcement in order to ensure a timely completion within the deadline and avoid penalties.

    We hope that all participants will enjoy this prestigious tournament and make it a great success for all of us. Questions about the tournament please send an email to the tournament management