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09.11.2020 - Bulgarian Online Championship 2021 (WBIF)

For participation in the tournament the naming of a nationality- independent from the place of residence - has to be provided. Players with other nationalities may participate if they see their center of life in the country and if they will not take part in or for another state association in the future.

The tournament will start on 10.01.2021 . The duration of the tournament dependents on the number of participants.

The tournament will be played in fivetimes-Ko - mode: Each participant plays until he has either lost 5 times and is therefore eliminated or the only participant with fewer defeats wins the tournament. All pairings are played to 13 points . The draw for the pairings will be made round by round according to the Swiss system tournament software by Hans-Jürgen Werner. A tie-breaker rating does not take place . The calculated performance rate has no influence on the outcome of the tournament . In addition, the WBIF tournament rules apply.

For the rating of the tournament count the matches won . Both the match points of the individual matches and the performance ratings have no effect on the tournament.

All games are played to 13 points . The matches will be played at Heroes . The nick name for Heroes is recorded and published at registration. Participants without an account at Heroes are asked to make a request - mentioning the participation in this WBIF Tournament - at WBIF@gmx.net .

The result of the game is to be reported using the WBIF website with Your personal Login . The game reports shall be attached and will be evaluated with eXtreme Gammon and results will be published .

The three top-ranked participants of the tournament are rewarded with individual certificates. If there are more than 20 Players. 45%, 25%, 10%, 10% - if there are less than 12 players first place 60% and second 30%.... 10% is registry.

1. Non premium players should schedule matches as off peak hours to be safe (between 19-22h). 2.

2.Missed appointments If an arranged appointment cannot be kept, the opponent should be informed immediately and the match can be scheduled again. If the participant doesn’t show up for the match without prior notice he will lose the match! Otherwise, if a participant does not show up to play his match within 15 minutes after the scheduled time, the match starts with one point for the present participant. For each additional 5 minutes delay the present participant wins an additional point, so 1-0 after 15 minutes, 2-0 after 20 minutes, and so on. If the present participant reaches more than the half of the required points, he wins the match, for example 7 points in a 13-point-match: The present participant should wait 45 min - then he has won the match. If the delayed participant appears, the points have to be entered at the beginning of the match by using the resign-function. Please note, that the delayed participant has to bear responsability for his delay regardless of the reason for his delay. He cannot claim to waive points or to reschedule the match, especially not by asking for fairness or respectful behaviour.

The WBIF-rules are applied. the entry fee of 15 Euro has to be payed to: - via bank transfer to Bernhard Mayr,Franz-Josef Str 27a, A-6130 Schwaz account at Sparkasse Schwaz (BIC: SPSCAT22XXX, IBAN:AT92 20510 00000014167 ), or - via Paypal plus. 0,55 Euro charge to WBIF@gmx.net

Applications to the tournament possible from now on till 10.01.2021 by using the registration form on the website. Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director.