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Deadline: 02.10.2022Registrations: 106
Deadline: 10.10.2022Registrations: 59
Deadline: 12.10.2022Registrations: 75
Deadline: 01.11.2022Registrations: 11
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- WBIF Tourneys 2021

(24.12.2020 )

- Youth World Championship 2020 - Heroes

1.step: click "join wbif" here on left side"

2.step: as soon as You got confirmation email go to "my wbif" - "new tournaments" and sign in for Youth World Championship

For each match you have one week to schedule and play!

Distribution of various prizes will be announced soon!

(22.06.2020 )

WBIF Tour 2020 is announced!

Live Final again in Korinth / Greece!

Details will be announced soon

Tournament webpage: https://en.greecebackgammon.com
(10.10.2019 )


Live Final in Malta!

From 17th - 20th October 2019

cavalierihotel, Spinola Road, St Julian's STJ 3019, Malta,

email: info@cavalierihotel.com

Tel.: +35623180000


(13.09.2019 )

World Team Championship 2019

This Year 30 teams will take part!

Draw of first 3 rounds is planned for Tuesday!
(12.09.2019 )


Tourney calendar

Flag Argentina Marcos Nahhas (menahhas) - Flag Jamaica William Mahfood (jah_will) 0:1
Flag Mexico Néstor Avila (Nes_g) - Flag United States Jason Pack [M2] (Roqrega) 1:0
Flag France Michel Moll (corroli) - Flag Great Britain Peter Wisniewski (Pantera) 1:0
Flag Bulgaria Valentin Petkov (Valentin) - Flag Bulgaria Jordan Kirchev (JFK) 0:1
Flag France Sebastien Krick (ALKAZAR) - Flag Switzerland Ernst Kümin (vye36) 1:0
Flag Bulgaria Edvard Apazyan (Grizunko) - Flag Bulgaria Jordan Kirchev (JFK) 0:1
Flag Sweden Roland Sahlén (Sahlen) - Flag Germany Dirk Schiemann [G1] (Schiemann) 1:0
Flag Bulgaria Nazif Nazifov (Nazif8401) - Flag Bulgaria Ivan Kitin (achokiki) 1:0
Flag United States Sean Garber [M3] (seagar1824) - Flag Great Britain Sebastian Wilkinson [G2] (Ciuffo) 1:0
Flag Bulgaria Jivko Dimov (slavex) - Flag Bulgaria Georgi Joro Ivanov (joro_fena) 0:1
Tourneys with membership fee:

WBIF Tour 2021 live Final:
Live Final in Athen!

01.April.21 Championscup
01.April.21 Worldcup (WBIF Cup)

01.May.20 Draw of World Individual SpeedChampionship 2021 (Heroes)

Tourneys without membership fee:
National Championships