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Deadline: 01.02.2021Registrations: 44
Deadline: 01.02.2021Registrations: 26
Deadline: 11.02.2021Registrations: 25
Deadline: 15.02.2021Registrations: 17
Deadline: 15.02.2021Registrations: 39
Deadline: 01.03.2021Registrations: 19
Deadline: 01.03.2021Registrations: 23
Deadline: 29.03.2021Registrations: 6
Deadline: 01.04.2021Registrations: 3
Deadline: 01.04.2021Registrations: 3
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First steps at BG Studio Heroes - WBIF Mode


- WBIF Tourneys 2021

(24.12.2020 )

- Youth World Championship 2020 - Heroes

1.step: click "join wbif" here on left side"

2.step: as soon as You got confirmation email go to "my wbif" - "new tournaments" and sign in for Youth World Championship

For each match you have one week to schedule and play!

Distribution of various prizes will be announced soon!

(22.06.2020 )

WBIF Tour 2020 is announced!

Live Final again in Korinth / Greece!

Details will be announced soon

Tournament webpage: https://en.greecebackgammon.com
(10.10.2019 )


Live Final in Malta!

From 17th - 20th October 2019

cavalierihotel, Spinola Road, St Julian's STJ 3019, Malta,

email: info@cavalierihotel.com

Tel.: +35623180000


(13.09.2019 )

World Team Championship 2019

This Year 30 teams will take part!

Draw of first 3 rounds is planned for Tuesday!
(12.09.2019 )



Flag Italy Mauro Mellini (PersonalPsy) - Flag Italy Massimo Loi (maxxmassy) 1:0
Flag Iran M1 Roohollah Amiri Andy (vorojak) - Flag Germany Markus Klein (Markus031972) 0:1
Flag Germany Theodoros Dimakis (theo_23) - Flag Greece George Haritatos (Algonquin) 0:1
Flag Romania M2 Radu Ciortan (raduciortan) - Flag Romania M1 Mihai Catalin Arminia (Arminia) 1:0
Flag Austria Kristoffer Hötzeneder (kristoffer) - Flag Iran G3 Amir Eshraghi (Amirsnooker) 0:1
Flag Romania Petru Hlihor (petruhl) - Flag Romania M3 Alexandru Barbu (Alessandro81) 1:0
Flag Bosnia and Herzegovina Abaz Omeragić (abazvakuf) - Flag Ireland Philip Newton (ffiilliipp) 1:0
Flag Kubiq Pavlos Nygren Hervatis (Picke) - Flag Jaerntaerning Michael Löfblad (LofbladM) 1:0
Flag Germany Torsten Lux (Lux) - Flag Denmark Jonas Moehrdel (Slotters) 1:0
Flag Germany G3 Bernhard Kaiser (emperor) - Flag Greece Ioannis Atmatzidis (erimitis) 0:1
Tourneys with membership fee:

01.01.20 WBIF Tour 1st online tourney
15.02.20 WBIF Tour 2nd online tourney
01.04.20 WBIF Tour 3rd online tourney
Live Final in Greece!

October 2020: WBIF Tour Live Final in Greece!

01.04.20 Championscup
01.04.20 Europeancup

15.09.20 Draw of World Team Championship 2020

01.11.19 4th Heroes Open
08.11.19 17th WBIF Open

Tourneys without membership fee:
National Championships