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Tourney Rules

    The overriding responsibility of the Tournament Director, or “TD”, is to provide a venue that is as fair and enjoyable as possible for all. To that end, the TD is responsible for ensuring that these Rules and Guidelines will be followed as far as possible unless he determines that an exception should be made in order to maintain the overriding principle of fair play. The TD can nominate one or more Tournament Assistants "TA" for the purpose of managing the tournament.

    When there is a doubt or question as to the application of a rule, a general approach is to tend to rule against the player who has, either intentionally or unintentionally, initiated an action that created the question or conflict in the first place.

  3. Matches are played in accordance with the generally accepted international rules of backgammon (with Doubling Cube), as augmented by specific WBIF Rules detailed in this document.

  4. A TD is appointed for each tournament. The TD is responsible for overall management of the tournament and scheduling of the matches.

  5. The tournament matches will be played on a specific single Backgammon Server, which facilitates the electronic recording of matches. If a Server disconnection occurs, matches must be resumed within 15 minutes. If this does not happen, the TD must be notified and the TD will then reschedule the resumption. If a match is played with time control and a player loses on time, then the result is final. In all cases the players themselves are responsible for solving problems and disputes, if necessary with reference to the TD. Note: WBIF is independent of the rating system of any Backgammon server. It is therefore possible to play WBIF matches which are “unrated” on the server itself.

  6. Both parties are under an obligation to submit the match result and XG file after finishing at "My WBIF "on the website. However the TD does not need a report from the losing player if the result and match file already submitted by the winner is correct and complete. Currently at BGStudio Heroes results and matchfiles are reported automatic!

  7. Where matches have been completed but neither player has been able to save the file, then the match is deemed valid if: a) both players confirm the result, or b) the result can be seen in the Server history (in both cases without pr and without experience points). Otherwise the match must be replayed.

  8. A player may not use any help during the match (for example books, tables, notepads, calculators, spread sheets, bot analysis tools, human consultation, etc.). Players violating this rule will be permanently excluded from WBIF tournaments and will lose all their titles and ratings. The Backgammon Server will also be notified. The tournament ruling committee will endorse such decisions.

  9. The time limit for a tournament will be set by the TD. Players who play very slowly may be monitored by two independent match observers!

  10. Participants in tournaments (all players/team members and TD’s) shall treat all other participants with courtesy and proper respect. If players have differences of opinion they should attempt to resolve them privately in the first instance, always avoiding public arguments or discussions within match kibitz windows. In general, participants in tournaments are expected to act politely and fairly at all times, with due consideration for their opponents (e.g., no complaining of bad luck, no unnecessary computer disconnections). Transgressions will be penalised appropriately.

  11. In the spirit of openness and mutual respect, all matches must be played openly. They should not be played as “private matches”. Moreover, all other participants in the tournament shall be allowed to watch all the tournament matches. Consequently during tournament matches there shall be no “blinding” or “gagging” of other participants.

  12. Contacting oponent:If a player does not contact or reply to his oponent till 2 days befor deadline and the match is not played till deadline - he will loos automatic without any discussion.

  13. Players should always confirm an agreed schedule by exchange of e-mails. A form exists on the website to publicise scheduled matches and this should be completed to enable other interested players to watch. Final confirmation and public scheduling should be made at least 24 hours before the agreed time. If match is scheduled less than 24 hours before the final agreed time, the agreed time is only valid if both parties clearly agree on it. All efforts to agree a Schedule should be documented by e-mail or screen shot.

  14. Missed appointments If an arranged appointment cannot be kept, the opponent should be informed immediately and the match can be scheduled again. If the participant doesn’t show up for the match without prior notice he will lose the match! In dteail: The waiting player leads 1-0 after 15 minutes, 3-0 after 20 minutes, 5-0 after 25 minutes, match is won after 30 minutes. If the delayed participant appears, the points have to be entered at the beginning of the match by using the resign-function. Please note, that the delayed participant has to bear responsability for his delay regardless of the reason for his delay. He cannot claim to waive points or to reschedule the match, especially not by asking for fairness or respectful behaviour. If a new player fails to show up one time during his first 5 matches the match has to be rescheduled and the player gets a warning.

  15. The participant shall notify the WBIF of any changes in personal data, in particular email address, immediately. If a player cannot be contacted on the specified email address for scheduling purposes, the tournament director will award the match to the opponent.

  16. "For players performing 5 PR or better, WBIF reserves the right to ask for the proof of skill via live recorded matches (BMAB style). If such proof can't be given within reasonable time, WBIF can suspend the player from participating in future tournaments. Players performing 4 PR or better without sufficient live recorded data are automatic suspended until 70EP BMAB style are collected which prove the PR.

  17. Participants in WBIF tournaments are expected to be flexible regarding time management and also to be aware of the different time zones worldwide.

    I. Institutions The World Backgammon Federation (WBGF) The World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF)

    II. Introduction As of 1st January 2020, in order for any individual (a Player) to request to participate on behalf of a nation (the Nominated Nation) in any international backgammon events sanctioned or otherwise run by the WBGF or the WBIF (each an Event) one of the following eligibility criteria (the Criteria) must be satisfied. Once a Player has represented their Nominated Nation, notwithstanding the subsequent satisfaction of the Criteria, the player will not be eligible to represent an alternative nation for a period of twocalendar years from the player's last representation of their Nominated Nation.

    III. Eligibility Criteria 1. The Player is a citizen of the Nominated Nation; or 2. The Player is ordinarily resident in the Nominated Nation; or 3. The Player was born in the Nominated Nation; or 4. The Player has a strong and demonstrable direct cultural, ethnic or family connection to the Nominated Nation.

    IV. Evidence When requested by the WBGF or the WBIF, the Player must provide evidence to support their request. The WBGF and the WBIF in consultation shall determine the sufficiency of such evidence in their sole discretion and shall be entitled to conduct any further enquiries as they may deem necessary or appropriate in order to determine whether the Criteria have been satisfied. There will be no appeal permitted from the decision of the WBGF and the WBIF.

    V. Breach of Criteria It shall be the responsibility of the Nominated Nation to ensure that the Criteria are satisfied and in case of doubt such doubts should be raised with the WBGF and the WBIF in advance of the Player representing the Nominated Nation. If a subsequent breach of the Criteria is detected both the Player and the Nominated Nation may face sanctions.

  19. WBIF members with age below 16 years are not allowed to take part at tournaments where they have to pay individual entry fee!

  20. WBIF reserves the right to ask any of the participants at a tournament to play their matches with camera or, if needed, to play a longer online session with reputable player using camera. For Kids up to 12 years wbif always has to be in contact with the parents!

  21. Camera on request: In any Win&Skill Tourney, and the last 10% of participants in any other WBIF tourney, players have to play with the camera if one of the player requests it.