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Help / FAQ

All questions about WBIF and the tournaments are added either directly to the tournament rules or in the list below .

last update: 08.March.2021.

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Questions are answered in person or by e -mail.

Questions about WBIF

Who makes the decisions in the association?
WBIF will be led by a committee of at least three persons who are recognized in the backgammon scene due to thems experience as an organizer and / or players . There are about 45 members right now! For decisions such as modus of tournaments , the entry fee the positive feedback of 3 committee members is necessary, rule changes require a simple majority of all ACTIVE committee members.

For international WBIF Tournaments there will be elected a Committee of minimum 3 participating honorable players for complaints against decisions of the TD. Start 2022!

WBIF is an affiliated organisation to the WBGF. www.wbgf.info

How does WBIF prevent cheating?
WBIF analyses all matches and also cares that players play matches in a reasonable time, for example 1 - 1.5 hours for a 13 point match. Each Player with PR below 5 can be asked to proof his skill in BMAB Style Tournaments live - and can optional be banned from playing further events in this time. If irregularities arise a committee (5 honourable and strong players analyse the matches in detail - if the possibility of cheating is obvious - the player is banned from the running tourney, future tourneys his matches have to be monitored with 2 webcams and audio in a live-stream. If cheating is 100% sure the player can be banned from WBIF for life. WBIF accepts the decisions of the various national associations to individual players of these associations. WBIF cooperates with BGStudio Heroes server with Video / Audio control and clock.

Questions about Individual Championship

Why are the preconditions for participation either the nationality or the " center of life " in the country?


I. Institutions The World Backgammon Federation (WBGF) The World Backgammon Internet Federation (WBIF)

II. Introduction As of 1st January 2020, in order for any individual (a Player) to request to participate on behalf of a nation (the Nominated Nation) in any international backgammon events sanctioned or otherwise run by the WBGF or the WBIF (each an Event) one of the following eligibility criteria (the Criteria) must be satisfied. Once a Player has represented their Nominated Nation, notwithstanding the subsequent satisfaction of the Criteria, the player will not be eligible to represent an alternative nation for a period of two calendar years from the player's last representation of their Nominated Nation.

III. Eligibility Criteria 1. The Player is a citizen of the Nominated Nation; or 2. The Player is ordinarily resident in the Nominated Nation; or 3. The Player was born in the Nominated Nation; or 4. The Player has a strong and demonstrable direct cultural, ethnic or family connection to the Nominated Nation.

IV. Evidence When requested by the WBGF or the WBIF, the Player must provide evidence to support their request. The WBGF and the WBIF in consultation shall determine the sufficiency of such evidence in their sole discretion and shall be entitled to conduct any further enquiries as they may deem necessary or appropriate in order to determine whether the Criteria have been satisfied. There will be no appeal permitted from the decision of the WBGF and the WBIF.

V. Breach of Criteria It shall be the responsibility of the Nominated Nation to ensure that the Criteria are satisfied and in case of doubt such doubts should be raised with the WBGF and the WBIF in advance of the Player representing the Nominated Nation. If a subsequent breach of the Criteria is detected both the Player and the Nominated Nation may face sanctions.

Is the participating bound to a certain skill level?
Participation at the national level is not bound to the playing strength , the ELO-rating or ranking position . At internatinal events there might be tournaments which are divided into two groups : one with error rate above 6.5 , the other below it.

Why the tournament will not be played in a different mode, such as triple- KO?
The tournament will be determined individually taking into account the expected number of participants and the respective advantages and disadvantages of each mode and the previous experience. However, it is impossible to care for the preferences of each individual participant .

Where do I transfer the participation fee befor I can register for an event?
Preferred with paypal to WBIF@gmx.net as "friend, Family" The registration is confirmed with an automatically generated e- mail to the specified address. In this confirmation you will also find the details for the payment of the entry fee.

Questions about the team championship

When will the team championship advertised?
The team championship is advertised in summer - the contact persons of each nation will form the teams! Start of World Team Championship is planned 1st September , Modus swiss system with Triple KO. Participation fee 110 euro for the whole team. Team World Championship: each team can nominate a reserve player - this player can replace any player in any round! Further a player, not able to continue playing the tournament, may be fully replaced by a new player in mutual agreement with TD!

Scheduling caring for different timezones worldwide
As example: the best times to schedule a European - Japan match are: weekend: 8:00 - 16:00 WBIF Time for Europe and 15:00 - 23:00 for Japan

Questions about the website / "My WBIF"

What is inside of "My WBIF"?
The area is exclusively reserved for registered users. They can register here comfortably for new tournaments. For the games of their ongoing tournaments they find pre-filled forms for contact with the opponents, the publication of a scheduled match so others are able to watch it, and notification of the match result.

How can I get registered in "My WBIF"?
The access will be set up for registered participants at the start of the tournament. The participant will receive the access data to this point, by e-mail. The tournament director can withdraw the access, if a player acts against fair play or against rules.

How can I add a Foto of myself?
To insert a picture, send it by e-mail to the Tournament Director wbif@gmx.net. The photo should have a size of 4 to 3 (height / width) . The format (. Jpg,. Gif,. Png, ...) is free. Other images, such as symbols, drawings, etc. are not considered. The photo appears only to registered participants after log-in. Other visitors to the website can not see the photos!

Where can I find the forms for scheduling reporting matchfile etc. during a tournament?
The forms - with the exception of the Tournament registration - are available exclusively for tournament participants on My WBIF. At BGStudio Heroes results and matchfiles are reported automatic! There You play Your tourney matches in WBIF room!

Modus of triple KO tournaments

Each participant plays until he has either lost 3 times and is therefore eliminated or till he is the only participant with fewer defeats - then he wins the tournament. Over the subsequent placements decides - (taking care for the special case explained below) - the number of rounds the participants remain in the tournament. The calculated performance rate has no influence on the outcome of the tournament. If more players share a place the eventual "BYE" is used as tie-breaker.

Round 1-3:
The pairings of rounds 1 to 3 are made at the same time and randomly drawn. The games can be played in any order.

Round 4 till the end:
The pairings - including the "bye" - will be drawn for every round according to the Swiss system tournament by a software. If players can no longer be put together in new combinations (at least 2 players meet each other again) the draw is not possible using the tournament software. From this point, the tournament director will draw the pairings manually in the following manner: With an odd number of remaining participants the bye is first drawn among the participants who have received the fewest byes till now, giving the bye randomly to one of the players with less points. If only one participant had no bye, he gets this automatically. Have all participants an equal number of byes it will be drawn among all participants with less points randomly. For the remaining participants: the participants not played each other will play one another first . If there are several ways the parings will be set randomly. After this the pairings of the remaining participants will be drawn.

"special case":
If three participants remain in tournament, each with 2 losses and an equal number of byes, the above system is interrupted. The tournament continues with the following mode: These participants each play against each other. If all three win exactly one game - the round is repeated. As soon as a participant wins both games, the number of wins in this round decides the places 1 to 3!

General questions

Getting in contact with oponents:
After Login you find at "My WBIF" all matches - here you can contact oponent - schedule the match and report it with attachment of the matchfile. "If a player does not contact or reply to his oponent till 2 days befor deadline and the match is not played till deadline - he will loos automatic without any discussion."

BG Studio Heroes
You accounts at Heroes and WBIF will be synchronised - if You have two accounts at Heroes inform the tourney director!

WBIF Tiger
After Login at website www.WBIF.at click on link "WBIF Tiger" for direct access to the server. Further Login is not necessary! We recommend Google Chrome as browser!

What is the entry fee used for?
The entry fee will be paid in accordance with the tournament announcement . 10 % of entry fee is used as a registration fee to cover the costs associated with the tournament management and accounting, prizes for youth tournaments and supporting BGStudio Heroes. The committee and the tournament organizers provide their services voluntarily.

Can I play without an account at BGStudio Heroes?
The games are normally played at BGStudio Heroes , in case players or whole nations cannot get BGStudio Heroes account the matches have to be played at gridgammon or WBIF-Tiger or any server providing valid matchfiles. Every WBIF Member has access direct after login on the WBIF website! WBIF Tiger recommends Google Chrome as browser!

What is the procedure with participants who drop during the tournament ?
The tournament committee assumes that all participants , regardless of their chances of winning the tournament play till the end end to avoid a distortion of competition . If participants cancel the tournament or obviously distort the competition , applications of these participants would no longer be considered in all other WBIF tournaments.