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World Championhsip started with 512 participants!


11.10.2019 - World Individual Online Championship 2020(WBIF)

Tournament Entry Requirements and Awards

  • The national contact-person has to report all players names from his nation via email to wbif@gmx.net till 22.02.2020. Full name, email address and backgammon server nickname should be emailed to WBIF@gmx.net. At same time players may also register individually!
  • There is no limit of players each Nation may report to take part!
  • At same time each Player has to transfer the participation fee - and the annual fee - by bank transfer or via paypal, before 22 February 2020.
  • The entry fee of 50 Euro per player (10% registry - 90% prizes) should be transferred to the WBIF, via paypal: WBIF@gmx.net or bancaccount: Bernhard Mayr, Franz-Josef Str27a, A-6130 Schwaz account at Sparkasse Schwaz (BIC: SPSCAT22XXX, IBAN:AT92 20510 00000014167 ) take care for transfer fees!
  • The Champion-, Runner-up and 3rd place will each receive individual award certificates and live trophies!!
  • 7% of participants will get prizes!

General Tournament Format and Requirements

  • swiss system - five lives KO.
  • All matches have to be played on the BG Studio Heroes server. ( If a player has no account there it is automatically created by WBIF with the nickname reported by national contact person).
  • All results and matchfiles are reported automatic by BG Studio Heroes!!
  • Matchlength: 13 Points!
  • All matches are played with clock: 13 min and 8 sec delay!
  • Where cheating or collusion is suspected, matches will be analysed in detail and scrutinised by the Ruling Committee. Where transgressions are considered to have occurred, the individual players will be expelled from the tournament (and any future involvement with WBIF event).
  • and also for the last 10 remaining players WBIF can require additional checks (for example webcam, live monitoring etc.).
  • National Contact Persons are expected to take a positive role in monitoring players, and in fostering good communications and sportsmanship, by ensuring that the players from his nation act politely and fairly at all times, giving proper consideration for their opponents (e.g., no complaining of bad luck, no unnecessary computer disconnections and caring for oponents time zone).
  • The competition is subject to the general WBIF Tournament Rules found on the pages of the WBIF website.
  • The competition starts on 01 March 2020 and is scheduled to end latest on December 2020.
  • Each player plays till he lost five times.
  • Each round is announced on the website with deadline and an email will be send to all players.
  • Each player is individually responsible for arranging and scheduling their matches, for this scheduling at "my wbif" - "my matches" on the website has to be used. Players have to send scheduling request direct after receiving the announcement of draw to ensure timely completion within this phase, and to avoid incurring penalties.

We hope that all participants will thoroughly enjoy this prestigious tournament, making it a big success for all of us. Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director.