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18.12.2020 - WBIF Tour 2021: Online Tourney Nr. 3

Website of WBIF Tour Final and Greece Open 27th - 31st October in Athen!


Participation is open for all persons who pay the required entrance fee of Euro 40 and allready paid the annual membership fee (details given below)

Three online Qualifiers early in the year for Live Final of the best 30 Players! - 2021 The Grand Live Final will be played in October 28th - 31st in Athen / Greece. The information on the website and in our e-mails will be in German and English. Applications will be accepted from now until the deadline on the application form .

The first online tournament will start on 29.03.2021. The duration of the tournament dependents on the number of participants.

The tournament will be played in Triple-Ko - mode: Each participant plays until he has either lost 3 times and is therefore eliminated or he is the only participant with fewer defeats and wins the tournament. All pairings are played to 13 points . The pairings of rounds 1 to 3 are randomly drawn and played at the same time . Then the draw for the pairings will be made round by round according to the Swiss system tournament software by Hans-Jürgen Werner. A tie-breaker rating does not take place . The calculated performance rate has no influence on the outcome of the tournament . In addition, the WBIF tournament rules apply.

For the Live Final each win from all 3 tournaments counts as 1 point ,byes dont count!, 30 players with most points qualify. In case of same number of wins, more players qualify!

All games are played to 13 points . The matches of the tournament are played with BG Studio Heroes - details will be announced soon! The nick name for server BG Studio Heroes is recorded and published at registration. Participants without an account at Heroes are asked to make a request - mentioning the participation in this WBIF Tournament - at WBIF@gmx.net.

The result of the game is to be reported by logging in on WBIF website - using the form on the website at "my WBIF" . The game reports shall be attached and will be evaluated with eXtreme Gammon and results will be published .

To participate in the tournament a starting fee of 40,00 € will be charged. Payment is possible by bank transfer or Paypal - WBIF@gmx.net. Please be aware that You can only participate if You also paid the yearly WBIF membership fee: 10 euro to WBIF - paypal: WBIF@gmx.net !

The Winner of each online tournament gets 100 Euro. Prices for total winners of the 3 online tourneys:

1. 200 EUR + free entry to live final

2. 100 EUR + free entry to live final

3. free entry to live final

the rest is added money at the Live Final!. 10% of the entry fee is registration fee.

The english WBIF-rules are applied.

Applications to the tournament possible from now on till 29.03.2021 by using the registration form on the website. Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director.

Flyer of the tournament