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Frist: 18.01.2021Anmeldungen: 166
Frist: 22.01.2021Anmeldungen: 77
Frist: 01.02.2021Anmeldungen: 36
Frist: 01.02.2021Anmeldungen: 26
Frist: 11.02.2021Anmeldungen: 21
Frist: 15.02.2021Anmeldungen: 13
Frist: 15.02.2021Anmeldungen: 30
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Frist: 01.03.2021Anmeldungen: 15
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- WBIF Tourneys 2021

(24.12.2020 )

WBIF Tour 2020 is announced!

Live Final again in Korinth / Greece!

Details will be announced soon

Tournament webpage: https://en.greecebackgammon.com
(10.10.2019 )


Live Final in Malta!

From 17th - 20th October 2019

cavalierihotel, Spinola Road, St Julian's STJ 3019, Malta,

email: info@cavalierihotel.com

Tel.: +35623180000


(13.09.2019 )

World Team Championship 2019

This Year 30 teams will take part!

Draw of first 3 rounds is planned for Tuesday!
(12.09.2019 )

New WBIF Rule:

For players performing 5 PR or better, WBIF reserves the right to ask for the proof of skill via live recorded matches (BMAB style)

If such proof can't be given within reasonable time, WBIF can suspend the player from participating in future tournaments
(30.05.2018 )

Akt. Spiele


Flagge Griechenland Leonidas Saltagiannis (leonardolbs) - Flagge Griechenland Andreas Tolias (denominator) 0:1
Flagge Irland Bernardo Viana (Bernytevi) - Flagge Irland Liam Leech (liamleech1) 1:0
Flagge Italien Dino Visentin (cicin) - Flagge Italien Giuseppe Puligheddu (gheddu) 0:1
Flagge Georgien Bakar Matikashvili (maquisard) - Flagge Großbritanien Kristian Mills (Counsel) 1:0
Flagge Bosnien und Herzegovina Arna Bešo (arnabeso) - Flagge Bosnien und Herzegovina Ismet Alagić (issostar) 0:1
Flagge Türkei Caner Cetin (Marbury06) - Flagge Nord Mazedonien Vladimir Temelkovski (Temel55) 1:0
Flagge Griechenland Michail Proukakis (Prouk) - Flagge Schweiz Jacques Wehli (jaweswi) 1:0
Flagge Bulgarien Ivan Kitin (achokiki) - Flagge Bulgarien Bogidar Iliev (1913) 0:1
Flagge Griechenland George Zachariou (geozac2411) - Flagge Griechenland Christos Groutsos (Groutsos) 0:1
Flagge Frankreich Aurelien Vinco (aurelv1) - Flagge Frankreich Pascal Craipeau (Aktarus) 0:1
Tourneys with membership fee:

01.01.20 WBIF Tour 1st online tourney
15.02.20 WBIF Tour 2nd online tourney
01.04.20 WBIF Tour 3rd online tourney
Live Final in Greece!

October 2020: WBIF Tour Live Final in Greece!

01.04.20 Championscup
01.04.20 Europeancup

15.09.20 Draw of World Team Championship 2020

01.11.19 4th Heroes Open
08.11.19 17th WBIF Open

Tourneys without membership fee:
National Championships