WBIF Club League starts January 2021 - Each division 20 teams!!

Qualification for higher divisions: Club World Championship!!



18.05.2020 - Youth World Championship 2020 - Heroes

For everyone under the age of 26 !! free entry!

Various prizes ( no money prizes): boards, equipment, accomodation at 1st live youth worldchamp, tourney entries... invitation to Mochy`s Challenge

The tournament starts on July 1st, 2020.

Big thanks to our sponsors for Youth Tournaments: https://wbgf.info/links/our-sponsors/

How to register:

1) Go to WBIF home page


and choose "Join WBIF" from the menu on the left. Register your name on WBIF (free, might take up to 24 hours for the process).

2) Go to Heroes


in which the tournament takes place. Make a new account from "Register a new user" Put WBIF as an inviter.

3) After 1) is done login to WBIF page and choose “SIGN IN FOR T”


from the menu on the left. Register your name in "Youth World Championship 2020 (Heroes) or Kids Wolrdchmapion if you are born 2008 or later."

4) Choose "MY DATA" from WBIF menu on the left. Register your nickname in Heroes so that a tournament director could know what account you use for the tournament and also add Your birthyear.

Tournament website:


Current registered users:


Heroes (Playing server):


Main tournament for all born 1995 or later:

The tournament begins with 7 rounds of the Swiss system: the pairings are drawn in rounds according to the Swiss system with the tournament software from Hans-Jürgen Werner. A tie-breaker rating takes place with 1st direct encounter, 2nd performance rate.

The best 16 players will then play single KO!

In addition, the WBIF tournament rules apply. Exact details will be announced before the start of the tournament - minor changes are possible depending on the number of participants!

All games are played on 9 points. The games of the tournament can only be played on the server heroes.backgammonstudio.com, registration under this link: "register new user" and Inviter "WBIF".

The result of the game has NOT to be reported!! BG Studio Heroe reports automatic!

All open pairings can be seen in room "WBIF". The game logs are evaluated with eXtreme Gammon and the results published.

Participation in the tournament is free!

The winners and the best players in the age groups u14, u16, u18 and u26 receive prizes that are sponsored by national associations!

For Kids born 2008 or later we will organise a special tournament - details will be announced!

The english WBIF-rules are apllied.

Applications to the tournament possible from now on till 29.06.2020 by using the registration form on the website. Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director. at turnierleiter@wbif.net!