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18.11.2020 - WBIF Online Consultation Championship 2020 (WBIF)

Tournament Entry Requirements and Awards

  • Each Team consists of two players!
  • Each Round they play two consultation matches: 1st player A sits at board and partner joins via Videochat, 2nd match turned around!
  • We play at BGStudio Heroes with Clock.
  • Modus is triple Elimination
  • The contact-person for each participating Team should should tell the Tourney director the 2 players including the appointed Captain before 05 December 2020. Full name, email address and backgammon server nickname should be emailed to WBIF@gmx.net.
  • The Captain of each participating Team should pay the required entry fee -50 Euro- before 5 december 2020. Each player also has to transfer the annual membershipfee.
  • The entry fee of 50 Euro per Consultation Team (10% of which covers administrative costs) should be transferred to the WBIF, via paypal: WBIF@gmx.net or bancaccount: Bernhard Mayr, Franz-Josef Str27a, A-6130 Schwaz account at Sparkasse Schwaz (BIC: SPSCAT22XXX, IBAN:AT92 20510 00000014167 ) take care for transfer fees!
  • The best 6 teams (If More than 50) will each receive prizes and individual award certificates. Each of these teams will also receive the following prize monies:
    • Champion: 30%
    • Runners-up: 20%
    • 3rd and 4th place: 15%
    • 5th and 6th place: 10%

General Tournament Format and Requirements

  • switz system - triple elimination.
  • 9 point matches
  • Played at BGStudio Heroes Time planned: 18min 15sec delay.
  • Each Team comprises 2 players. If a player is unable to continue playing the tournament for valid reasons, a substitution may be allowed subject to the agreement of the Tournament Director.
  • The team has to play 2 matches each round - so this time also draw is a possible result! (the second player always joins the video chat at heroes!)
  • At start of match press the video icon bottom right of board - as room choose "all"
  • Each player is responsibel for a proper equipment - camera and microphone!
  • All matches must be played on the Heroes server. Match files are submitted to the Tournament Directors automatic!
  • Where cheating or collusion is suspected, matches will be analysed in detail and scrutinised by the Ruling Committee. Where transgressions are considered to have occurred, the individual players will be expelled from the tournament (and any future involvement with WBIF event), and the Clubs not allowed to make substitutions.
  • The competition starts on 06 December 2020 and is scheduled to end latest march 2021.
  • each round is announced on the website with deadline and an email will be send to the capitans of the teams.
  • Each player is individually responsible for arranging and scheduling their matches, for this "scheduling" on the website has to be used. Captains are expected to monitor the progress of their Club members to ensure timely completion within this phase, and to avoid incurring penalties.

We hope that all participants will thoroughly enjoy this year’s tournament, making it a big success for all of us. Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director.