WBIF Team World Champion 2023: Team ITALY!!! WBIF Tour 2024: Online Tourney 2 - Deadline: 15.02.2024!!


03.05.2023 The 2023 Women’s Online World Championship

Tournament Mode:

    Qualification Phase:
  • Qualifiers for each region: America.....Europe/Africa.....Asia/Australia/Oceania
  • Five Rounds of Round Robin or swiss system Format in each region.
  • All matches will be against opponents from the same region. 33%, rounded up, of the players from each region will qualify for the Final Phase.
  • At the conclusion of the five rounds, all players that have a 5-0 or 4-1 record will qualify for the Final Phase.
  • In addition, all players that finish 3-2 will be eligible to qualify for the Final Phase based on PR.
  • To determine how many qualify from each region take the total number of participants and divide by 3 and round up. For example: with 29 players from a region, 10 would qualify (29/3=9.67, which rounds up to 10).
  • If, in qualifying, there were 6 players that finished 5-0 or 4-1, four of the 3-2 players would be selected based on the lowest PR’s.
  • If, after counting the qualifiers for all regions, the number of qualifiers is an odd number, one more player will be added to the Final Phase.
  • That player will be determined by examining all the 3-2 players from the entire field that failed to qualify and taking the one with the lowest PR.

  • Final Phase:
  • Swiss system play combining all regions with double elimination.

  • Further details:
  • Women in Backgammon (www.womeninbackgammon.com) is a sponsor providing $500 added money!
  • 13 Point Matches
  • Clock 26min, 10 sec delay
  • Played at backgammon Studio Heroes
  • Entry fee: 30 Euro ( 500 Euro added money!!)
  • Start of qualifiers is 1st July 2023
  • Tournament Director: Joseph Russell !

  • email: ez2bblue@sbcglobal.net
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/joseph.russell.1800
  • The tournament is a cooperation by WBGF and WBIF!
  • The entry fee of 30 Euro (10% of which covers administrative costs) should be transferred to the WBIF, via paypal: WBIF@gmx.net
  • or bancaccount: Bernhard Mayr, Franz-Josef Str27a, A-6130 Schwaz account at Sparkasse Schwaz (BIC: SPSCAT22XXX, IBAN:AT92 20510 00000014167 ) take care for transfer fees!
  • Have a look at the Wbif Rules and Frequent Asked Questions at the wbif website!.

We hope that all participants will thoroughly enjoy this year’s tournament, making it a big success for all of us. Questions about the tournament please send via e-mail to the tournament director.